Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Terrain

A couple of trees I've made for my terrain.


The ZLO (Zangaro Liberation Organization) is the rebel force opposed to the oppressive government of Zangaro. The ZLO has just returned from a meeting with people sympathetic to their cause. (Meaning, black market arm dealers) The ZLO has moved to even the playing field with government forces. Purchasing a heavly armed UAZ-469. Armed with a 14.5mm KPV MG, and a 7.62mm MG. It is a high speed raider, in the cause of freedom.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The government of Zangaro has acquired from Mad Mullahs used car lot a slightly used (one owner, little old lady, only driven to mosque and the grocery store once a week) fresh from a recent tour of duty in Uzbekistan. The latest (kinda, sorta) in high speed, heavy hitting technology. A UAZ-469, with a Soviet built B-11, 107mm recoilless rifle.

Honest technical notes. The kit is from MAC. Its a decent kit. Little flash on certain parts. Nothing that wouldn't be expected though. I feel I did a crumby job putting it together. But the result is decent. I'm happy overall with it. Didn't cut down the seat supports like I should have. Still looks OK. The next one I build will turn out better, having put one together previously. Just as a note to all you folks out there. The recoilless rifle/UAZ kit, comes with all the MGs that the MG kit does. They don't cost any different. But you can build either from the same kit. Or even build an all out gun truck, with multiple weapon systems. So yes, I have evil ideas for the next one.